The past year’s roller coaster did not skip our portfolio at Vertex, but overall it has been a very fruitful year. Our companies matured, scaled and of course: raised money. Out of the 36 portfolio companies at Vertex Ventures Israel, 20 have had significant funding rounds.

Over the past few years, we’re noticing a clear trend of funding cycles getting shortened from 18–24 months to 10–14 months, making it seem like some companies are in a continuous fundraising mode. This, in my opinion, calls for a slight modification of the funding playbook.

I am lucky to work closely with ten…

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation but make no mistake: the robotic process refers to the algorithmic automation of software. RPA is quickly making its way towards a billion dollar revenue market and in recent months alone, leading startups in the space have raised over $450M for their RPA systems.

For years, large enterprises have answered the how-to-digitize question by turning instead to BPM (Business Process Management) as the most comprehensive method for streamlining core systems and processes. The BPM solution is to replace core software, which often proves costly in expenditure, adjustment time and potential returns. …

I am excited to announce our investment in Kryon’s Series B round of $12M. This investment marks the first institutional investment into the company, which has taken an unusual path to reach this point. Kryon is an emerging leader in the RPA market, which is a new, fast-growing category that is expected be a $1B market by 2020 (Gartner).

The mega trend of automation Large enterprises are feeling the pressure to automate and optimize their operations — first, as a cost-cutting measure, but just as importantly, to improve the customer experience and increase capacity. Over the years, enterprises have spent…

Today we are announcing our investment in DataRails. I have been following the company’s progress since its inception a year and half ago, and I’m excited to join the ride.

DataRails is the brainchild of founder and CEO Didi Gurfinal. As an executive at Jungo and later at Cisco, Didi spent a lot of time on the manual work involved in aggregating different Excel spreadsheets, ensuring that calculations and data were correct, and dealing with limited analytics capabilities. This is how he came up with the idea for DataRails. …

A month has passed since we announced our investment in Taranis, and after the investment was made public I received quite a few questions about what made us invest in this non-traditional space of Precision Agriculture. So, I’ve decided to share my views in this blog post.

Meeting Taranis for the First Time

I first learned about Taranis when my friend and Angel Investor, David, told me about a team of four founders working on accurate weather prediction algorithms for the Agriculture industry. I was not overly excited because back then, I didn’t know much about the AgTech industry. …


GP at Vertex Ventures

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